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Landing at Santa Paula California

What's New?

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What's New ?
9/23/2012 New video from Catalina Island
7/16/2012 Breakfast at Gaston's White River Resort
6/24/2012 Added our trip to Oatman AZ (no video)
2/10/2012 Added a trip to Scotty's Caste and Leadfield
7/16/2011 Added video of our trip to San Luis Opispo
7/9/2011 New page added, San Luis Opispo
7/4/2011 Added pictures from Mule Days to Bishop page.
2/17/2011 Posted video of Placerville trip.
2/7/2011 A trip into the Gold Country, Placerville CA.
1/5/2011 Water recedes, new pictures at bottom here.
12/24/10 Added a page with pictures of Corona flooding.
12/13/10 Added video of landing on Avalon's Rwy 4
10/21/10 Added video from our Sierra Vista trip.
10/16/10 Added a new page from our trip to Sierra Vista AZ
9/18/10 Added a new video of our trip to Lee Vining
9/12/10 New page from our trip to Lee Vining.
9/12/10 Added video to the Warner Springs page.
9/10/10 A new page after our trip to Warner Springs.
9/3/10 Updated the Harris Ranch page, new video too.
7/30/10 New page,  Hiking The Airport Loop at Catalina Island.
7/22/10 New page with video of our trip to Paso Robles
7/14/10 Added a video of the trip to  Salinas
7/4/10 A new page for Salinas Airport.
6/20/10 Added video of our flight to Independence.
6/9/10 A new page from our trip to Independence California
5/30/10 Added some pictures I took at Mojave Air & Space Port
4/21/10 New Page and Video of our flight to San Diego Lindbergh
4/17/10 Added video from our Stovepipe Wells trip.
3/24/10 A new page, Stovepipe Wells, Death Valley National Park
3/20/10 Added video of my flight to Fresno Chandler, big file.
3/15/10 A new page on Fresno's Chandler Field
2/7/10 Video to answer questions about my Kindle in the Cockpit.
2/1/10 New page, my flight to Agua Caliente Hot Springs
1/3/10 Added video to Sedona page from my new "stache cam"
12/26/09 Added video from our Bridgeport trip.
12/24/09 Updated the Top Five adding Brunch and Day Trips.
12/22/09 A new page from our trip to Bridgeport CA.
12/1/09 A new page with my choices for the Top Five places to go.
11/21/09 Posted video of my Havasu flight.
11/17/09 Cooler weather and a run across the desert. Havasu for BBQ
11/10/09 New video of our flight to Hollister California  - 221MB file!!
11/7/09 Breakfast at Hollister's Ding-A-Ling Cafe.
11/4/09 Just a funny aviation video someone sent me. Beer Run!
10/31/09 Posted video from my Lone Pine trip. By request it's a long one.
10/26/09 A new page of my trip to Lone Pine. Not a bad stop.
10/11/09 Video of us landing at Monterey
10/6/09 A new page of our trip to Monterey and Cannery Row
9/26/09 New page and video of landing at the Brackett Airport.
9/9/09 A new page and video of my trip to New Cuyama CA.
9/6/09 New page and video of my breakfast run to Watsonville CA.
9/1/09 Entering the LA basin and over flying the Station Fire
8/26/09 New pictures and video of a 2nd trip to Bakersfield Muni.
8/22/09 New page with video of a stop for lunch at El Monte
8/10/09 We visit Harmon's Rocket Shop Cafe at Bakersfield Muni.
7/14/09 Getting a pop-up IFR clearance into Sacramento Executive
6/27/09 Getting iced up over high terrain. Landing Grants Pass rwy 30.
6/18/09 New page with a new video. Our trip to Grants Pass Oregon
6/14/09 Poor video taken with a very old still camera. Audio priceless!
6/1/09 A new page and video of our flight to Auburn CA.
5/26/09 Updated Shelter Cove page, new pictures and a landing video.
5/19/09 A new page with video of our trip to Santa Maria California.
5/12/09 Added a video by Mark Homchick of N4201B landing.
5/6/09 New video of flying to and landing at the Bryce Canyon Airport.
5/5/09 A new page from our Bryce Canyon trip.
4/21/09 A video of our flight from Quincy CA to Grants Pass OR.
4/19/09 Lots of new info and pictures added the the Hawthorne page.
4/13/09 New page and video, a food and fuel stop in Quincy California.
4/11/09 A pit stop in Hawthorne Nevada. Every place has a story!
2/28/09 Added our breakfast run to Hemet-Ryan Airport.
2/18/09 Moved 160knots.com to a new and much faster server. Please drop me a note if you see any dead links.
1/20/09 Mike tightens up for some pictures over Death Valley (video)
1/20/09 Air to air pictures added to Death Valley page
1/19/09 Video of a VFR arrival into Prescott Arizona.
1/13/09 A new page and video of our flight to Payson Arizona.
1/11/09 A video of landing on Corona's rwy 7 during Santa Ana winds.
12/30/08 A new page with a video of our breakfast run to Woodlake CA.
12/21/08 Video of our brunch run to the Furnace Creek Inn.
12/15/08 A blast from the past, Super Viking sales video from 1975.
11/16/08 Video shot at Corona Airport during the Corona Fire Storm.
11/9/08 New page with video of our trip to Shoshone California.
10/01/08 Our trip to Laughlin Bullhead Airport. New page with a video.
09/23/08 A trip to Santa Fe New Mexico. New page and video.
09/22/08 For those of you wanting to hear ATC, this one's for you.
09/20/08 A new page and Video of our trip to Mesa Verde National Park.
09/16/08 Video of a basic VFR arrival (no radar) into Farmington NM.
09/13/08 Landing at Montrose and visiting the Black Canyon.
09/12/08 A page with a video of landing at Winslow AZ.
09/07/08 A new page and videos for Lake County Airport, Leadville, CO.
08/09/08 A new page and video for Ramona Airport
07/27/08 It was a Car Trip but the Proud Bird Restaurant needs a page.
06/05/08 New page and video from Santa Paula's Open Hangar Day
05/26/08 New page and video of our trip to Kern Valley Airport.
05/26/08 Added a page and video of  EAA fly-in at Agua Dulce Airpark
05/18/08 New page and video for Apple Valley Airport
05/18/08 Added a page and video of a flight to Las Vegas Henderson.
05/17/08 Added a page and a video of my trip to San Jose.
04/26/08 Added a page and video of breakfast at Chiriaco Summit.
03/29/08 Added a video of our trip to the Grand Canyon West Skywalk.
03/23/08 Added a page from our Grand Canyon West trip.
02/16/08 Added video of Mariposa-Yosemite flight to existing page.
02/11/08 Added video of a flight to Bakersfield.
01/27/08 Made a page for our tour of the mountains after a snow fall.
01/27/08 After the snow we toured the mountains and shot some video.
01/26/08 Added a new page with video of landing at Fox Field.
01/25/08 Added more pictures to Borrego Valley page.
12/30/07 Added video and pictures of Tanker Ops to Corona Page.
12/03/07 Added a short video of landing and departing Calexico
12/01/07 Added a video of  an IFR flight to Santa Paula.
11/27/07 Added a page for Mariposa Yosemite
11/27/07 Added a page for Calexico
11/21/07 New video of getting an IFR pick up and shooting the ILS.
11/20/07 New page for Santa Barbara
11/15/07 New video of our flight to Mojave Airport
11/15/07 Added a page for Mojave Air and Spaceport
09/30/07 Added an Other Stuff page for those things I'm loosing track of.
09/27/06 Added a page with video for the Borrego Valley Airport.
09/22/07 Added a video of our trip to Half Moon Bay.
09/09/07 Added page for Half Moon Bay
08/07/07 Added a video of our flight from Mammoth to Bishop
08/06/07 Added video of flight to Mammoth CA
08/03/2007 A new page is up for the Bishop Trip.
08/02/2007 A new page for flying to Mammoth Airport
07/15/2007 A poorly done video showing my prop being balanced.
07/15/2007 Added a page about propeller balancing
06/19/2007 Added video of flight from Corona to Columbia
06/12/2007 Return to Columbia, pictures from the Bellanca Fly-In
05/28/2007 Added a page for Solvang.
05/28/2007 Added a video of our trip to Santa Ynez.
04/10/2007 Added a video of landing at Tehachapi California.
Added a new page for Tehachapi California.
04/07/2007 Added a page for Antelope Canyon.
04/07/2007 Added a new page for Rainbow Bridge National Monument.
Added a video from Rainbow Bridge National Monument.
04/03/2007 Added a new page for Marble Canyon
Added a video of us landing and taking off from Marble Canyon.
04/02/2007 Added a new page for Page Arizona
Added a new video of flying from Corona to Page
03/24/2007 An un-official AOPA fly-in at Lake Havasu
3/24/2007 This was too good to delete. SoCal Approach at it's best!
3/23/2007 Added video from another flight to Chandler with IMC.
3/4/2007 Added pictures to Corona page
Added pictures to  Hesperia page.
3/3/2007 Posted a new video of a trip I took to Chandler AZ
2/10/2007 Added a video from a recent flight to Coolidge AZ
1/24/2007 Added a Page for Rosamond California
1/23/2007 Added a Video of a recent trip to Rosamond California
1/15/2007 Added a new page for Flabob Airport.
1/14/2007 Added a short video of landing at Flabob airport runway 24.
1/7/2007 Added a video shot from my hanger on a windy day.
12/31/2006 Added a new page for California City Airport.
12/30/2006 New video of a flight we took Christmas Day to Camarillo
12/24/2006 Added a page for Porterville Airport
12/24/2006 Added more pictures to Big Bear page taken December 23.
12/24/2006 Added a video of a flight from Porterville
12/3/2006 Some video shot at FlaBob Airport at an EAA LSA event.
11/26/2006 VFR on top video to Hesperia
11/24/2006 Added a low pass video. Unknown pilot.
11/22/2006 Added new video of a trip to San Luis Obispo
11/12/2006 Added new pictures to a few pages.
10/9/2006 A video shot while flying to the Paso Robles fly-in.
9/17/2006 A video of my flight to Santa Paula Airport
8/25/2006 Added a very short video if an IFR release to VFR On Top.
8/11/2006 Added a new video we shot on the Morro Bay get away!
8/10/2006 Added a new page for Hearst Castle and Morro Bay.
8/9/2006 Added a very short video of landing at the Hesperia Airport.
7/29/2006 Uploaded a 2nd video of Columbia, my friend is flying a Cirrus.
7/25/2006 Uploaded a new video of our Oceano Brunch run.
7/23/2006 A new page is up from our trip to Oceano.
7/22/2006 Added a page and video on how I shoot my videos.
7/15/2006 Updated video of exhaust system repair, also Corona flooding.
7/4/2006 Added a short video of landing Big Bear runway 26
7/2/2006 New page and video of Flying into Catalina Island
6/29/2006 Added short video of landing at St Johns - KSJN
6/27/2006 Added still photos of Miller Fly-In provided by Ron Quillin
6/27/2006 Video of Miller Fly-In added
6/26/2006 Video of Canyon run near Plainview Texas added.
6/26/2006 Video of flying to the BBQ Bash added.
6/20/2006 Added video of landing at Corona.
6/18/2006 Pictures added of a runway 26 approach into Big Bear.
6/12/2006 Added a video of Departing and Arriving Fullerton IFR.
6/12/2006 Added a page for Columbia California
6/11/2006 Added Video from Columbia Fly-In
6/7/2006 New video of our lunch run to Santa Barbara
5/29/2006 New video of landing and departing Big Bear City Airport rwy 8.
5/27/2006  http://www.160knots.com submitted to several search engines.
5/26/2006 Added video of DC-3 landing at Corona.
5/21/2006 Added video from Harris Ranch fly in.
Went public with web site!
5/20/2006 Added page for Greeley CO
Added page for Harris Ranch
5/19/2006 Several changes made on Links page
Added Pilot page
Renamed Numbers page to N4201B
5/14/2006 Added a new page for Furnace Creek in Death Valley.
5/11/2006 Added a video page with three videos in real video format.
5/6/2006 Added a page for Plainview
FAQ page
Sedona page added
4/30/2006 Added a new page for San Diego
4/23/2006 Added a page for Big Bear
4/16/2006 New pages for Corona and Hesperia
4/15/2006 Submit web site to search engines
Added ror.xml file for search engine spiders.
Added Meta Tags and robots.txt file.
Added flash to page header
4/14/2006 Added a page for the Grand Tetons
Added a page for Shelter Cove
Added a page for St Johns
4/13/2006 Yellowstone page added
The What's New page added
4/10/2006 The URL http://www.160knots.com and server space is purchased.
4/8/2006 A basic web site is set up for my travels in Bellanca N4201B


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