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Flying over the Station Fire !
The Station Fire TFR
Cumulonimbus clouds forming above the Station Fire.

Station Fire 


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The Home of Bellanca N4201B
Four major fires are burning in the SoCal area and my route of flight took me over the largest, the Station Fire. The day I shot this the fire was 4 days old but expected to burn for another 2 weeks. The TFR went to 7,000 feet and I crossed well above that after checking with approach control that we agreed on the top of the TFR. These TFR's can change by the minute, I've seen Flight Service, Air Traffic Control and XM Weather all giving different information. I'll often ask ATC to verify the height of the TFR so it's on tape.  

Flying over the Station Fire!
Station Fire near La Caņada Flintridge I expected the fire fighter tankers over flying a forest fire. I didn't think about all the NEWS helicopter traffic.
Station Fire near La Caņada Flintridge A tanker goes into the smoke to attack the Station Fire.
Station Fire near La Caņada Flintridge A ridge line goes up.
Station Fire near La Caņada Flintridge Mount Wilson

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