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The Ramp at Hesperia Silverwood Airport

Landing at Hesperia ~ L26 (Silverwood Airport)
Best time of the year to go? Anytime
Flight time in a Super Viking from KAJO? 25 minutes
Food on the airport? Yes, above average quality.
Fuel on airport? Yes, cheaper than average.
Comments about arriving and departing  Hard airport to find from the air. Houses right up against the taxiway and runway. Right traffic to runway 03.
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10 being best, 5 being average.
7.0 Good food and cheap fuel.

Mile High Cafe Hesperia California


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Flying into Hesperia !

The first time I went there I turned downwind on the GPS BEFORE I found the airport. If you're not aligned with the runway it's really hard to see. The Hesperia airport has homes with hangers tight against the taxiway.

The self service island is new and the fuel is cheep. Make sure to chalk the wheels because everything is on a slope. The restaurant is called Mile High in reference to the load on the plates. I've had breakfast there several times and have never been disappointed. There is a flight school on the field called Hesperia Flight Academy, tell Kelly I sent you.

I did shoot this video of flying too and landing at the Hesperia airport!

Pictures of Silverwood Airport .
The Silverwood Airport (AKA Hesperia) from right downwind to runway 03.
Flight school aircraft based at Hesperia.
The approach end to runway 03.
Ok, my friend Kelly owns the flight school. Every time I arrive for breakfast he has a student scheduled and I have to pay for my own breakfast. Almost caught him this time! I think he hears me on the radio then runs out and starts a plane.
The Mile High Cafe (Pink Building). No longer a pilots secret the locals come out in force too. Good food and lots of it!
A shot across the runway looking towards Mt. Baldy.

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