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Fly into Furnace Creek ! (Death Valley) L06

Furnace Creek Inn, Death Valley National Park

Best time of the year to go? The Inn is open October though Mothers Day. The Ranch is open all year.
Flight time in a Super Viking from KAJO? 1.2 hours
Food on the airport? No, but call from phone near bathroom and a van will come get you for free and take you anywhere in Furnace Creek.
Fuel on airport? Yes, but high and unreliable.
Landing or Handling fees? No
Comments about arriving and departing.  On the weekends it's very easy to get approval to fly though the Restricted airspace around Edwards AFB at or above 6000 from Joshua Approach.
Plan your departure to avoid the restricted areas because Joshua won't hear you until 10,000. I fly down the valley to Baker and pick up the airway.
Things to do at or near the airport. Both the Ranch and the Inn have places to eat and gift shops. The Campground and the Parks Service Visitor Center are within walking distance of the airport.
Rate this stop with 10 being best, 5 average. 8.5 - Brunch at the Furnace Creek Inn is very good. Free transportation available. A reservation for brunch at the Inn is a must.

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Enroute to Death Valley

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There's a reason they call it Death Valley !

The Furnace Creek Inn is one of aviations best kept secrets. Who would have guessed the Inn serves a Newport Beach type brunch the middle of Death Valley? For $20 each you sit in a dining room over looking Bad Water and have a wonderful meal. I've never stayed at the Inn but the hotel looks wonderful. The Furnace Creek Inn is open October though Mothers Day.

Below the Inn the Furnace Creek Ranch. The Ranch has a place or two to eat and some gift shops. There is also a Death Valley museum and a golf course. This area is open year round.

After landing walk to the bathrooms, there is a phone which rings the resort. Everything in Furnace Creek is contracted to the same National Park vendor so they are happy to take you to the Ranch or the Inn.

Walking distance from the airport there is a camping area. You can't miss it as there is only one road to town.

I suggest you come early in the season because it get's hot! Tie your plane down as the desert winds do come up without warning. They didn't name this place Happy Valley and there was a reason for that.

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Mike Macosko lost in Death Valley Mike Macosko in N9622E. Picture taken January 18, 2008
Road to Death Valley The highway leading to Death Valley from Shoshone.
N9622E Not a living thing in sight. No wonder they call it Death Valley.
N9622E Mike and I tighten up for some pictures.
N9622E Mike Macosko in N9622E. You can find an in-flight video of us here.
The Furnace Creek Inn as we enter the traffic pattern.
Flying in Death Valley 150 feet below sea leval. We took off and climbed to minus 200 feet. Pulled the power back to 18/2400 and toured the valley. Picture taken December 21, 2008
Bad Water in Death Valley National Park Flying over Bad Water in Death Valley National Park. Note the snow in the surrounding mountains. Picture taken December 21, 2008
Death Valley National Park  N4201B over Bad Water on March 15, 2009
Photo by Becki Rosenau
Bellanca Super Viking N4201B  Who needs a turbo at minus 200' MSL? 
Photo by Becki Rosenau March 15, 2009
The ramp at Furnace Creek Airport
Check out the altimeter and the airport isn't the lowest place in the valley.
 Driving into the Furnace Creek Inn
The Furnace Creek Inn. Can you find me in this picture? It was just barely 114 degrees so I sent Adrienne out to take pictures.
Here I am!
The Furnace Creek Inn.
The Furnace Creek Inn.
The Furnace Creek Inn pool is feed by a natural hot spring and is 85* year round. The pool is drained twice a week and refilled before morning. No chemicals are used.
The Furnace Creek Inn grounds. The water flowing though the pool feeds the grounds, the pool at the ranch and waters the golf course.
The day this picture was taken it's 114 degrees and there is still snow 30 miles away. Only in California!
View of the desert from the Furnace Creek Inn.
You know it's hot when the Road Runner is seeking shade.
This plane has been at the Furnace Creek airport for a couple of years. What, if I may ask, is a sea plane doing in Death Valley?
For some reason a LOT of people overrun on landing and leave the plane in Death Valley. Take note, if you get off the pavement you will sink in the sand and have a prop strike

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