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This is a pretty typical spring morning in the LA basin. Usually 1200 ovc and 10 miles with tops at 3000. The mountains pictured are about 10,000 feet

Bellanca Links
  • An excellent web site is Victor Catalonotto's Super Viking site. Victor has approached his web site from a different angle and provides a lot of support for maintaining or fixing a Viking.  Used parts can be found on Victor's page as can a good info such as a Weight and Balance spread sheet. Make sure to read the service ideas by Ron Bianchi.  I've printed out Ron writings and give a copy to my mechanic. My mechanic has placed that information in his file. Victor's page is regularly updated.

  • Mark Sellers has a page for his Bellanca Viking - N6312Y. Poke around and you find some more links to his other pages.

  • The other place to call for Super Viking parts would be Alexandria Aircraft (Alexandria, MN). Alexandria Aircraft makes parts for Super Viking's and even built one 2005 model.

  • The Bellanca-Champion Club has a page which deals will all models of Bellanca as well as Champion, Aeronca and derivative lines of aircraft. Please don't ask me what "Derivative Lines of Aircraft" are, I have no idea. Anyway, the BC club puts out a newsletter four times a year which always seems to have a Super Viking article. They also do a couple of very successful fly ins a year. 

General Aviation Links

This category is dedicated to those of us who fly real planes. Those of us who make control input to an aircraft by the seat of out pants without asking for computer approval.

  • Rene's web site of Private Pilot VFR Flying Trips. This guy goes everywhere. Good site, lots of pictures!
  • 110Knots.com - Mike claims I'm his inspiration. That's a burden to carry! I've watch Mike build his website over the years and he's made it very nice. Travel and aviation news.
  • Keith Smith has done a good job with his aviation blog. Lots of trips, pictures and videos from the West Coast and East Coast.
  • Michael Timineri has a web site where he is documenting his flight lessons. Michael is based out of Sacramento Executive.
  • Cecil Chapman has a web site covering his pilot training from Student Pilot to CFI. Cecil also coverers local $100 hamburger locations within reach of the SFO bay area.  
  • Gary's Flight Journal is a pretty active blog. He's on the east coast and a fairly new private.
  • IFR Pilot has another good blog. He's working on his advanced ratings in the mid-west.
Useful Aviation Links  


  • The best weather site I've ever found would be Dan Checkoway's Weather page on his RV Project site. All weather is de-coded into plain language and color coded. The winds loft is so simple to use I can't stand it. You can customize the page to default to your local area. If you start using this web site you will stop using all others. Did I say it was free too? I do donate money to Dan but it's well worth it.
  • AOPA, if you're not a member join. One of the better aviation magazines comes with membership. The on line airport directory is very good and prints out in kneeboard format. AOPA's  Real Time Flight Planer is worth the price of membership alone.
  • AirNav is very valuable.  I use the fuel prices more than anything saving myself about $500 a year.
  • The Sacramento Sky Ranch is the best site I've found on the internet for repairing your plane. They sell parts too. I liked it so much I bought the $22 DVD.
  • Is Welding, medical, and aviation oxygen the same? Read this!
  • An excellent video of a Private Pilot Oral Exam. This video is 1 1/2 hours long and worth every second.
  • FlightAware is used by my friends wife to follow us enroute so she  knows when we are heading for home. You can also look at IFR flights you flew several months back. The first thing you find out is, you can't fly a straight line.
Other Aviation Links I Surf.
  • If you been flying a number of years Abandoned & Little-Known Airfields is a fun site to surf while drinking a cup of coffee on Saturday morning.

  • The Alexis Park Inn & Suites has a lot of aviation items on it including videos. Caution, you will spend hours on this site! This hotel could be a good stop if ever in the area.

  • Spend hours on Flight Level 350, billed at The Loudest Place on the Web. This site caters to commercial airports and the airlines. Huge collections of videos to watch.
Non aviation links
  •  This is the first web site in I built in 1997 (before the web was cool) and it's still there however I don't have the time to keep it updated. It's dedicated to the Flat-Coated Retrievers and other dogs we have enjoyed living with.
  • I have a Weather Station in my back yard which FTP's current observations to the internet every 10 minutes.


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