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Flying into Big Bear City Airport ~ L35

Final approach runway 26 at Big Bear City Airport. Didn't know it at the time,
I was first plane to land there in five days.

Best time of the year to go? All year long but, winter is best
Flight time in a Super Viking from KAJO? 22 minutes
Food on the airport? Yes, all better than average
Fuel on airport? Yes, usually cheapest in SoCal
Comments about arriving and departing  Know the arrival and departure procedure, you can pick up a copy in the lobby or find it on line. Watch winds and weather, not the same as airports 20 miles away. Just one more thing, check you're density altitude. I've seen it exceed 10,000 feet in the afternoon.
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10 being best, 5 being average.
9.5 About the best meals I've seen at a airport restaurant. Great views of the runway while eating. Restaurant on airport, others within walking distance. Bus and rental car available. CHEAP FUEL!


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Big Bear City Airport, Big Bear California

This is my favorite stop and I make it 2 or 3 times a month. I usually arrive for breakfast at the Barnstorm Restaurant which is the best aviation breakfast I know of, only Flo's at Chino comes close. The kitchen is a little slow but the view is wonderful and I am happy to wait while looking over the runway and sipping on a cup of hot coffee.

There are a couple of places you can walk to from the airport too. The bus goes right by the airport and you can ride it for $1.00. There are several 1st class restaurants and shopping in town.

The airport is very aviation friendly. Fuel at Big Bear is usually the cheapest in Southern California. The city of Big Bear owns the pump and fuel is sold at cost. The gentleman who man CTAF are members of the Big Bear Pilots Association and are extremely helpful.

Head's Up! The arrival and departure procedure is non standard and pilots who don't follow the procedure really scare me. Simply put departures go out at or below 8500 and arrivals at or above 9500. Arrivals for BOTH runways enter the pattern from the ski slope south of the airport.

Scud running into Big Bear after 4 days of snow. This is not as bad as it looks. Those who know Big Bear know off my right wing one mile the terrain is 5000 feet lower and on this day good VFR. - Winter 2005
Base leg runway 26. Notice the Mohave Desert in the background. This will become my escape route in 90 minutes as the weather rolls in.  - Winter 2005
I don't think that arrow next to me paid his ramp fee? - Winter 2005
I love it after a fresh snow. My home base is 22 minutes away and 60+ degrees, hasn't snowed there since the ice age. Only in California! - Winter 2005
EVERYONE in SoCal was above $3.40 a gallon when this picture was taken. - Winter 2005
The Barnstorm Restraint downstairs and the Chinese Restaurant upstairs. - Winter 2005
Weather closing in fast. After departure a left 270 degree turn and escape though the pass into the desert. Those who landed after me got trapped in Big Bear. - Winter 2005
Descending into Big Bear. I'm off course because I am avoiding a a cloud, a cumulogranite cloud.

Photo by Andrew Harrod

Over Little Lake inbound. Big Bear City Airport 12:00 5 miles. Inbound traffic stays over the land. Out bound over the lake.

Photo by Andrew Harrod

Turning inbound on the 45 for a left downwind runway 26. An extended downwind is not advised at Big Bear because departing traffic turns left for noise abatement.

Photo by Andrew Harrod

Final runway 26

Photo by Andrew Harrod

See the brown tree just right of center line? It was toped and the top of the trunk is about 16" across. Someday I expect to see a Cessna on a stick, if you get my drift.

Photo by Andrew Harrod

Big Bear City Airport from a right downwind. - Winter 2006
Ski Slopes - Winter 2006
Near by Lake Arrowhead. The City of Hesperia in the background out in the desert. - Winter 2006

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