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Flying into Shoshone California !

Final Runway 33 into Shoshone California. Over run and you're on Main Street

Best time of the year to go? Fall though Spring
Flight time in a Super Viking from KAJO? 1.1
Food on the airport? Within walking distance.
Fuel on airport? No
Landing or Handling fees? No
Comments about arriving and departing.  Dip in runway at the approach end of 33. Runway 2380' x 30' wide. Right traffic to 33
Things to do at or near the airport. Visit Shoshone and have breakfast at the World Famous Crowbar Cafe! Visit the Shoshone Museum then walk to Dublin Gulch.
Rate this stop with 10 being best, 5 average. 7.5, a nice 1/2 day trip.


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Shoshone California, who would have thought?
Here is a little gem in the desert often over looked by SoCal pilots!

Shoshone was founded by Dan Fairbanks a Death Valley prospector and business man who is credited with rescuing 50 people from Death Valley. Shoshone was named by Borax mogul Frances Marion Smith in the early 1900's

One nice thing about being a pilot is exploring some small cities I would never travel to by car. Even if I did drive though Shoshone I would be en-route to somewhere else I wouldn't have the time to stop and visit.

After reading about Shoshone I waited though summer and choose a fall day for our trip. The desert air was clean and smooth with visibility exceeding 100 miles. The wind favored runway 33 and we had our choice of both tie downs at the airport. After two planes I guess one parks in the dirt. The runway and ramp are in very good condition and the Shoshone Village is a 2000' walk from parking. We found the World Famous Crowbar Cafe in the middle of town and had a good breakfast before exploring the town.

The Mohave Desert hides some strange things and the Death Valley area is no exception. Deblin Gulch is where early miners carved cave dwellings into the side of cliffs. We saw about 10 homes constructed this way. some even had a 'cave garage' for the car.

Pictures from our trip to Shoshone!
Descending over the ridge into Shoshone.
Look at the visibility. The mountains in the distance are 35 miles away.
While hostile, the desert is never disappointing.
Shoshone Airport with the village in the background.
Shoshone Village. Yes, this is everything there is.
The DV on the mountain side stands for Death Valley. Shoshone is considered the gateway to Death Valley.
Click here to download the Shoshone Walking Tour in PDF format. You may want print out this document and take it with you.
The airport Crew Car!
Shoshone is a Hot Spot in more ways than one. Suggest you save this destination for cooler times of the year
Never understood the radiator fan at the Lemonade Stand. Some things are just better not asked.
The Crowbar Cafe
"I told you I was sick"
These graves litter the route to Dublin Gulch. Some are marked, others are simply a pile of rocks.
Dublin Gulch
Dublin Gulch, never understood why there were two doors since these connected under ground.
Walk down a narrow tunnel and it widens out into a living area.
I assume this was a one car garage,
Inside a garage looking out.
Old tin cans still littered the gulch. The lack of moisture in the desert preserves metal. Sometimes this is good, other times bad.
Looks like the Auto Club gave this bathroom 4 stars!
Looking down the gulch towards town. Wow, look at the color!
The Shoshone Swimming Pool is fed by a natural spring. The water entering the pool is 105*F.
If you can't get lucky in Pahrump, your credit card is over it's limit! Even the FAA has named the intersection over Pahrump 'Lucky'.

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