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Hiking Catalina Island, The Airport Loop!
Catalina Inland's Airport Loop Trail
Catalina Island's Airport Loop - Click for a Larger Picture
Best time of the year to go? Catalina has mild temperatures all year.
Distance of hike? 2.58 statute miles
Drinking water on the trail? No but it's available at the airport.
Rate difficulty of hike. 1 being easy, 5 being hard. 2 - Rated by a 280lb 55 year old man.
Rate this hike with 10 being best, 5 average. 7.0 - I enjoyed this hike so much I did the loop twice.

Catalina Buffalo



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The Home of Bellanca N4201B

There are so many things to do on Catalina Island this location deserves a couple of pages. That and I could find very little on the internet about hiking Catalina Island. I flew the 50.2 miles to Catalina Island and see what's available for a hike. When I paid my landing fee I asked about hiking and was sold a $2.00 brochure which helped a little.

I had a light lunch at the Airport Restaurant before hitting the trail.  I strapped on my GPS watch so I could map out the trail. The picture above is a result of that.

 The Airport Loop hike is pretty easy. Not a lot of grade change. The views of the ocean below are spectacular and depending on the weather you can usually see the mainland across the channel. The entire hike is below the airport elevation so while you're always close to the airport you forget that. I didn't feel the need to carry any water since it's available at the Airport Restaurant.

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Approaching Catalina's Airport in the Sky Crossing the channel one can clearly see the airport on the hilltop. I was about 10 miles out when I took this.
Availon Airport Airport in the sky.
Catalina Island Airport Loop Hike Hiking the airport trail.
Catalina Island Airport Loop Hike I think we've all felt like that at one time or another.
Catalina Island Airport Loop Hike A second pond on the hike. The dirt area in the foreground is from buffalo bedding down
Catalina Island Airport Loop Hike The trail goes under both ends of the runway. Take a break at the approach end for some pictures.
Catalina Flying Boats Catalina Flying Boat's on the go!
Catalina Island Airport Loop Hike Catalina Flying Boat's on the go!
Hiking Catalina Island Airport Loop Hike The trail is clearly marked.
Hiking Catalina Island Airport Loop Hike Sometimes one is forced off the trail and must seek another route.
Hiking Catalina Island Airport Loop Hike This was a surprise.
Hiking Catalina Island Airport Loop Hike Quarry that goes with sign above
Availon VOR and Airport in the Sky Departing Avalon's airport. The Avalon VOR in the foreground, Airport in the Sky beyond.

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