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Landing at Shelter Cove ~ 0Q5

Bellanca Super Viking at Shelter Cove California
On the ramp in Shelter Cove California
Best time of the year to go? All year
Flight time in a Super Viking from KAJO? 3.3 hours
Food on the airport? Yes. Town and the airport are the same. The only place which seems to keep regular hours is the deli on the approach end of runway 30. The other places have good food but their hours are spotty.
Fuel on airport? No, no services at all.
Comments about arriving and departing  Pretty standard, right traffic for runway 12. Watch for deer, golfers and golf carts on the runway.
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9.0 Great location, the whole town is walk able. Good restaurants, nice lodging. Walk along the coast. Little else to do.


Final to Shelter Cove Airport 


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Flying into Shelter Cove !

Shelter Cove is located along California's "lost coast" named that because it so far off the beaten path. Both Hwy 1 and 101 turn inland south of Shelter Cove and don't find there way back to water until well north. Driving to this area must be a real pain but, I've never done it. What a gorgeous place to visit. Pretty much all hotel rooms are along the surf line. Good places to eat. Transpiration is not needed just bring some walking shoes.

There used to be an golf course in the middle of town then some developer built a runway on it, leaving the golf course which now surrounds the runway 360 degrees. I met the airport manager, he is also the greens keeper. While on final you have to watch for golfers about to tee off because they drive balls right across final just before the pavement starts. Golf carts are another worry but they are a lot easier to see.

There are NO services on this airport at all! You're doing good if you can park where there are tie down ropes. The ramp is pretty rocky so go easy on the prop. The runway and taxiways are acceptable. This place does go IFR often and there is no instrument approach, have other plans.

Seems like most the restaurants in town fail to keep regular business hours and that's a little annoying. The store/deli near the RV park seems to be the only reliable place in town (Approach end runway 30). Try the Chart Room if there are open (Approach end runway 12). I got lucky once and it was very good. 

Other things to do:

  • Camping at the airport.

  • Famous 'black sand beach' approx 1.4 miles off airport, the beginning of the 'lost coast, south' trail.

  • There is excellent 'tea house' just on the south end of airport.

  • There is boat ramp next to the airport; some people bring surfboards inside the plane and then surf.

Inbound to Shelter Cove Airport  I was coming down the coast from Crescent City on this visit.
Shelter Cove Airport Shelter Cove Airport from the South
0Q5 Shelter Cove Turning downwind for runway 12
Shelter Cove Runway 12 Runway 12 approach end
Shelter Cove Golf Course To say the airport is built next to a golf course would be an understatement. The airport is surrounded by an golf course and to walk from the airport to town you'll need to cross a fairway.
N739EQ on final approach Cessna N739EQ on final to runway 12
N32481 Departing Shelter Cove Piper Arrow N32481 departing runway 12.
Out in the middle of no where we came across this temple. It was huge with a moat full of water.  http://www.odiyan.org/home.html
Close up of temple. Look at the trees, walkways, entrances to get an idea how huge this thing is. www.cnn.com/US/9605/13/buddhists
California coast line
California coast line
Watch out for golf balls on final.
That sign says it all. On both ends of the runway golfers tee off across final approach
Super Viking on the go
Bonanza on the ramp.
In the old days when a barn stormer left his plane in a pasture the cattle were known to eat the fabric, I guess there was something in it they liked. Had me a little worried all night.
Got a pretty good ground speed all the way home, this isn't a turbo. Just over 500 miles in 2:29 that includes a climb to 15,500.


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