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Landing at Porterville California !

Final Runway 30 at Porterville

Best time of the year to go? All year but the Valley will often be foggy in the winter.
Flight time in a Super Viking from KAJO? 1.1
Food on the airport? Yes, pretty good food too with a view of the airport.
Fuel on airport? Yes, typically a little less than average price.
Comments about arriving and departing  Because of it location a lot of fly-ins happen here. Can get busy on the weekend.
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10 being best, 5 being average.
7.0 Good food, reasonable fuel, average view while eating, average airport.

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Good Stop for Fuel and Food!
There is not much happening in Porterville but it's a good fuel and food stop. The restaurant changed hands recently but the quality of the food is still the same, very good. Right next to the Airway Cafe' is a grassy area where they seem to allow camping. I've never noticed any camping bathrooms or showers other than the bathroom in the terminal. I've also seen people picnic in the grassy area. There is a second video shot departing Porterville for Corona here.

Plenty of transit parking right in front of the Airway Cafe'. It's pretty common to stop here and see a group having a fly in. Why Porterville? It's half way between San Francisco and Los Angeles

Pictures of our trip to Porterville !

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This picture was taken 25 miles north east of Bakersfield which put the Channel Islands over 100 miles away.
The building in the center of the photograph with the glass is the terminal. The part of the terminal with the overhang is the Airway Cafe.
Only in California will you see green crops within 50 miles of snow.
A storm had passed though SoCal the night before.
Background is the Mojave Desert. The dry lake bed (light area) is Edwards AFB.
I just liked this picture.
Ducking under the layer for the last 15 miles to Porterville Airport
Bakersfield, off the left wing, is reporting clear and 7 miles.
Windmills around Tehachapi.

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