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Flying into West Yellowstone ~ KWYS

Final into West Yellowstone. Ever wonder why they call light aircraft bug smashers?

Best time of the year to go? Winter though July 1st. After July 1st it's tourist season. Keep Away!
Flight time in a Super Viking from KAJO? 6.5 hours? We arrived via Denver and departed via Grants Pass OR.
Food on the airport? No
Fuel on airport? Yes, average price
Comments about arriving and departing  Per TSA no cars on ramp when air carrier on field. OK after they depart.
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10 being best, 5 being average.
9.5 from the park your airplane and leave it for a week standpoint. Rental cars within walking distance. Very good FBO.

Park the plane and spend a week at Yellowstone National Park!

First off plan on spending at least 7 full days at Yellowstone, there is so much to see and it's spread over a large area., we saw half of it in 5 days. Yellowstone is huge and absolutely gorgeous.

Landed at West Yellowstone Airport and picked up a car from Avis, our hotel was in the city of West Yellowstone as well. A fun town with a lot to do however, knowing what I know now staying in the park would be a lot better idea. The Snow Lodge would be my first choice followed by the Old Faithful Inn. Staying in the park costs more but it saves about 90 minutes driving a day. The best food was found in the park as well.

Pilots, the Yellowstone FBO did a very good job. There was a small overnight fee even with a gas purchase. Fuel is the cheapest around, $.80 cents a gallon cheaper than near by Jackson Hole, $.60 a gallon cheaper than Driggs. The ramp area is secure and gets very secure when a air carrier is at the gate. Unless you are turbo charged or better arriving / departing West Yellowstone under IFR conditions is out of the question due to density altitude and rate of climb required on departure or missed approach. During the winter there is NO snow removal at West Yellowstone airport.

Enroute to Yellowstone from Greeley CO.
Enroute to Yellowstone from Greeley CO.
On way to breakfast in Denver when I called Flight Service for a briefing; "If you're not there by 1:00pm you won't get there for three days." We were airborne in 30 minutes, weather moving in last 100 miles of flight.
Lone buffalo on the road into the park
Old Faithful
Elk on the road into the park
Deer in river
More geysers.
Geysers on the river.
Small hot pot.
Geyser Baisin
Lower Yellowstone Falls
Upper Yellowstone Falls
Buffalo everywhere, right after this picture was taken buffalo started stampeding.
Natural Bridge
Buffalo on the river
Lone Buffalo
Geysers at dawn
Geysers at dawn
Mud Pots
River in the morning.
Old geyser that blew out years ago left this hole 300 feet across (note walkway). I hacked this location on my handheld GPS a few days earlier so I could find it from the air.

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