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Flying into Bryce Canyon !

Bryce Canyon Airport
N4201B on the ramp at Bryce Canyon Airport in front of a Log Cabin Hangar.

Best time of the year to go? I like to visit national parks off season and think early spring is best.
Flight time in a Super Viking from KAJO? 2.4 hours
Food on the airport? None, Ruby's Inn will pick you up for free and there are places to eat at Ruby's. Hertz will pick you up too.
Fuel on airport? Yes from the truck, average price. No self serve.
Landing or Handling fees? No. There is a $3 per night fee which is waved with a fuel purchase.
Comments about arriving and departing.  Watch the density altitude! This airport is at 7,600' msl. DA can easily exceed 12,000'. Loaded aircraft in our group departed early in the morning when it was cool.
Things to do at or near the airport. Sight seeing, horseback riding, ATV's rentals, hiking, shopping, bike rentals, several tours. This is a good multi night trip.
Rate this stop with 10 being best, 5 average. 9.5

N4201B enroute to Bryce Canyon 


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Bryce Canyon National Park
My wife and I were planning a spring trip to Bryce Canyon Utah. I posted on the Bellanca Super Viking list that I was going thinking one or two other planes might tag along.  Within a week our little trip turned into a Bellanca Super Viking fly-in with planes coming from seven states and Canada. One plane coming all the way from Wasilla Alaska. We had a great time!

Kudos to the airport managers. Both were a huge help in planning the event. I called six months in advance and the information they gave me really helped in choosing our activities. We arrived at Bryce Canyon early watching inbound BL17's on Flight Aware. The airport manager stayed well past quitting time to assist in arriving planes, passing out tie down ropes and taking fuel orders.

Rental Cars ~ Ruby's Inn owns the Hertz concession. DO NOT book on line. Strongly suggest you call Ruby's directly and book your car as they are not on the Hertz network. Tell Bryce unicom you have a car reserved 10 minutes out and it will be there a few minutes after landing.

Where to stay
~ Over night at Ruby's Inn because it has something for everyone. You could plan a weeks activity though Ruby's Inn and do everything there is to do. Ruby's has an airport shuttle, just pick up the Ruby's phone in the terminal.

~ Take your pick! There are several trails in and around the National Parks. We hiked to the bottom of Bryce Canyon and did the Peekaboo loop. The view from the bottom of Bryce Canyon is spectacular!  Suggest you stop at the visitor center just inside the park entrance for guidance on which hike to do.

ATV Rental ~ Several vendors rent ATV's and the group found Ruby's as good as any. I didn't do this activity but those who did really enjoyed it.

Horseback riding ~ The group did two rides on different days. An expert ride for those who know horses and a nose to tail ride for a larger group two days later. My wife called several places and picked Mecham Outfitters near Tropic for both rides. Mecham Outfitters trailer the horses and riders into the back country to a trail head.

Mountain Bike Rentals ~ Ruby's Inn has them. Same place as you get your rental car.

Bus Tours ~ Yea, that's for old people. But they depart from Ruby's

Planning good dinners proved hard. Bryce is no Santa Fe (our last fly-in) The airport manager gave me a lot of help. Here are three places we found very good.

Bryce Canyon Pines Restaurant ~ The place was kind of noisy but the food is very good. Just outside of town and about 4 miles west of the airport. The Pines is know for their home made soup and pies.

The Wild West Retreat ~ One day the group met up in Escalante for dinner at the Wild West Retreat. Well worth the drive, the only thing better than the food was the hospitality. Shannon and Jenifer Steed do dinners for 12 or more people and it had to be the best evening of the fly-in. (pictures bellow)

The Bryce Canyon Lodge ~ Just inside the park entrance the Bryce Canyon Lodge is a good place for dinner. With a bottle of wine dinner for two was just $70.

For a multi night fly-in this location is as good as it gets. We met up for breakfast at Ruby's each morning. Split up into different activities during the day then all meet up for dinner each night at a pre-planed location.
Bryce Canyon and surrounding areas!
Bryce Canyon from the air Bryce Canyon from the air
Over flying Bryce Canyon Bryce Canyon from the air
Peekaboo Hike The Peekaboo  Hike,  this bridge is about 1/2 mile from the trail head and worth the walk even if you plan to go no further.  
Peekaboo Hike  All of the Peekaboo Hike has breath taking landscapes.
Peekaboo Hike Peekaboo Hike is a strenuous  5.5 mile hike into the bottom of Bryce Canyon
The bottom of Bryce Canyon Make sure and bring plenty of water and maybe something to eat.
Peekaboo Hike This was the last time I let John have the map.
Peekaboo Hike More of the Peekaboo Hike
Bryce Canyon Peekaboo Hike I really hate those switch backs!
Peekaboo Hike Approaching the 1/2 way point of the hike I was trying to get cell phone reception to call for a rescue helicopter, no such luck.
Peekaboo Hike The point in the upper center of the picture is were we left the car. OH MY GOD!!!
Peekaboo Hike My new rule: Never hike with marathon runners! Really, this is a very nice hike but it's not an easy hike.
Bryce Point Bryce Point Overview
Inspiration Point at Bryce Canyon Bryce Canyon Overview
Natural Bridge at Bryce Canyon Natural Bridge Elevation 8627'
Rainbow Point Rainbow Point Elevation 9115'
Staircase and Escalante National Monument Staircase National Monument. Didn't see any rock climbers on this one!
Slot Canyon near Tropic Utah Horseback riding in the Slot Canyons near Tropic
Slot cantons near Tropic Utah Adrienne Ayles and Adele Christensen.
Slot Canyon near Tropic Utah Inside the slot canyon. Suggest you try Mecham Outfitters, 435-679-8823
Slot Canyon near Tropic Utah Group ride out of Tropic
Slot Canyon near Tropic Utah Group ride out of Tropic
Wild West Retreat Escalante Utah One night the group met at the Wild West Retreat in Escalante for a Cowboy Cookout.
Escalante Utah Wild West Retreat Dinner was outstanding and enjoyed by all.  
Shannon and Jenifer Steed's Wild West Retreat Shannon and Jenifer Steed (Cowboy Hats) own the Wild West Retreat and could not have be better hosts. They do group dinners for parties of 12 or more.
Shannon and Jenifer Steed Wild West Retreat I've got to give these guys a plug! The Wild West Retreat. Call them at 866-292-3043.
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