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Balancing the prop after a propeller overhaul.

Where do I put this aviation related stuff?
Just a funny aviation video. Don't try this at home!
Victor Catalanotto's in town from Texas. We meet for breakfast at Big Bear. Lunch in Catalina and dinner in Palm Springs.
I had my prop balanced after an overhaul. You'll find a video on this page that was shot during the balance.
My exhaust riser cracked. This video is before and after. The last part of this video concerns the flooding of the Corona Airport in happened in January 2005.
I get several emails a month on how I shoot video from the plane. Here's how.
Home video of landing on a aircraft carrier. Might be a S3A Viking?
A Space Shuttle Astronaut talks about how the toilet works in space. Maybe this is just his stand up act?
A Power Point presentation of aircraft. Some good pic's.
F-16 vs a bird, both loose. Follow the crew though the ejection sequence.
A Power Point presentation of the Doolittle Raid
Why all pilots need to understand airspace regulations. You just don't do this on final approach!
Fire suppression test in a B1 Bomber hanger.

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