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Flying into Woodlake CA !
The Runway Cafe at Woodlake Airport (o42)
The Runway Cafe at Woodlake Airport
Best time of the year to go? Anytime
Flight time in a Super Viking from KAJO? 1.3
Food on the airport? Yes - The airport cafe was outstanding. Plan to wait for a seat because the locals swamp this place.
Fuel on airport? Yes
Landing or Handling fees? No
Comments about arriving and departing.  The east end of the taxiway was in very poor condition. I choose to back taxi on the runway.
Things to do at or near the airport. You can walk to town... But why?
Rate this stop with 10 being best, 5 average. 8.0! Good stop for breakfast or lunch. The Runway Cafe staff are ALL very friendly. Fun little airport but the airport is all there is.

Final Approach to Woodlake Airport 


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Few pilots seem to know about this $100 burger stop !

Sometimes I simply search the internet for a new place to fly. I bring up AirNav, AOPA Airport Directory and Adventure Pilot all on different tabs and compare pilot comments for the same airport. I found few comments on Woodlake but what I saw sounded encouraging so I put it on my list for a future trip.

Sunday before daylight I was debating on a breakfast run to my old standby, Big Bear. I pulled out my list and choose Woodlake and the Runway Cafe.  A quick weather brief and all looked good so I woke the wife.

Three hours later I turned final and the runway at o42 appeared in the windscreen. The TSA hasn't found Woodlake yet, the ramp doubled as auto parking for the Runway Cafe and it was full. The recently remodeled restaurant isn't large but the locals arrive by the bus load.

The menu looked good and just a few minutes after ordering our breakfast arrived. Large omelets, home made biscuits and gravy, fresh salsa. The staff of the Runway Cafe couldn't be nicer. Just one word of caution. Be aware of the breakfast bowl. It's a large mixing bowl full of gravy with biscuits, bacon and eggs on top. Before ordering the Breakfast Bowl remember the runway is only 3300' long.

Other than eating and telling lies to other pilots there is little else to do at this stop but it's a fun airport. The food is outstanding too, I'll be returning.

Pictures from Woodlake!
Final Approach Woodlake CA Woodlake's runway is a little short. Don't worry, it's a little narrow too. I am finding it really hard to believe it 3300' long.
Cessna Cardinal landing at Woodlake Airport Traffic landing at Woodlake Airport.
Woodlake Airport CA Landing Traffic
Departing Woodlake Airport Local traffic in the pattern.
Landing Woodlake California More landing traffic.
The Runway Cafe The Runway Cafe
Flying to Woodlake California The Sierra Nevada Range. We were at 10,500, about 4000' below Mt. Whitney's summit.
Edwards AFB We flew past Edwards Air Force Base and Rogers Dry Lake bed.. Whoops. It might be awhile before the Space Shuttle lands here again.

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