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Why have a web site?
Why not? Even my dog has a web site! Beats carrying around pictures of our adventures. I also like to share with other pilots some of the great destinations we have found in and around Southern California.

Why 160knots.com and not 165knots my pilot friends have asked?
The answer is simple. The book speed for prolonged cruise in a 1975 BL17-30A is 162 knots, but who would remember that URL? Sure I get ground speeds over 220 knots but it's TAS that counts.

What do I like about a Bellanca Super Viking?
I first flew a Super Viking in March of 1978 in Altus Oklahoma and have wanted one ever since. At the time I was finishing my Commercial and starting my Multi-Engine and a local pilot and friend asked me if I could fly his Super Viking to a business meeting because the forecast was IFR. To make a long story short I was in love with the plane before the gear doors were closed. Its fast and sexy. It's very strong. It does not look like a flight school airplane. It handles like a dream. Most Bellanca Super Viking owners have a similar story.

A Bellanca Super Viking will out run most single engine planes at my airport and a few of the twins. I departed Lake Havasu behind a Piper Seminole last year and we both turned towards the LA basin at 10,500. It look about 100 miles and I only wish I had this on tape;

"Seminole 12345 traffic 3:00, 1 mile, same direction and altitude a Bellanca passing off your right."

I know, a Cirrus is faster but, I saved about $300,000. Enough said? Super Vikings are a misunderstood airplane and because of that they are cheep. Where else can you get a recent engine, recent paint, new upholstery, Garmin 430, 160 knot, four place well maintained airplane for less than $100,000 and have enough left to pay off the credit cards.

What about the wood wing?
Who cares? My experience is that a soda can is not as strong as a glue lam 4 x 6. Before you say I am comparing apples and oranges look at the main spar on both. Yes a Bellanca needs to be kept in a hanger but, so would anything else I bought.

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