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Flying into Bakersfield Municipal Airport!

Harmon's Rocket Shop Cafe Bakersfield California

N4201B in front of Harmon's Rocket Shop Cafe and Store

Best time of the year to go?  Anytime, watch for fog in the winter
Flight time in a Super Viking from KAJO? 1.0
Food on the airport? Yes
Fuel on airport? Yes
Landing or Handling fees? No
Comments about arriving and departing.  Power lines approach end of runway 34.
Things to do at or near the airport. Eat at the Rocket Shop Cafe
Rate this stop with 10 being best, 5 average. 8.0 - The food is outstanding but other than The Rocket Shop Cafe and Store I found little else to do.

Turning final approach into Bakersfield


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Harmon's Rocket Shop Cafe

This is one of those places I fly over all the time but never found a reason to stop. A local pilot emailed me and said there's an outstanding restaurant located on his field called Harmon's Rocket Shop Cafe and Store. I know about the Harmon Rocket modification from my RV friends but had never heard of a restaurant or store so I looked it up. The place just opened in January 2008 and the reviews were good. I added it to my list of places to visit someday.

After landing taxi to the far, I mean far, northwest corner of the airport. The building is unmarked and airport signage does very little. How about a sign John? Park in front of the unmarked building (see above) surrounded by cars and enter though the patio. There is plenty of ramp parking.

The cafe is a large hangar built as a restaurant. It's kind of a Sports Bar with a NASCAR theme. The place is pretty big with seating for over 200. Breakfast is very good, lunch and dinner outstanding with burgers being the house specialty. There are facilities to support a fly-in with banquet seating for more than 75.

I'm a little puzzled as to why this place isn't better known among pilots. The Hot Rod and Bike community seems to have made this a regular stop. It's just over the hill from the LA basin. A nice little trip and I think you'll enjoy it.

"We are trying to bring something to this side of town," John Harmon said. "We are going full-steam, and going to hire 30 people from this area to work at the Cafe." Bakersfield has needed this project for a long time now.

We are very excited about the restaurant opening of the NEW Rocket Shop Cafe. Ron Paulk and the staff at CSI contractors are building the new Cafe and are excited to be a part in the airport history. The old building and retail store had been in this same location for over 60 years. Everyone who has lived in Bakersfield or has traveled through this part of the OLD 99 freeway as it was once called knows that this is huge step in progress for Bakersfield and the entire aviation community. Pilots from all over the United States are Harmon Rocket builders and are excited to be able to once again fly into L45 for the best "ROCKET" burger.

Located at the Bakersfield Municipal Airport, the Rocket Shop Cafe will feature good old fashioned cooking, just like gramma use to make. Biscuits & gravy, chicken fried steak with all the fix'ins! ...BBQ tri-tip, baked beans, home made peach cobblers...just to name a few things on the menu. With 9 televisions to watch the excitement of your favorite driver on the Nextel Cup Nascar or Busch Series racing schedule. Speed Channel will also keep you occupied while you enjoy your time spent at the Rocket Shop Cafe.


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Rocket Shop Cafe Inside the Rocket Shop Cafe
Rocket Shop Cafe NASCAR Shop
Bakersfield's  Rocket Shop Cafe Outside the Rocket Shop Cafe.
Man made water ski lakes near Bakersfield. Man made water ski lakes just south of Bakersfield. Why so many in this area?

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