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Flying into Payson Arizona!
The Mogollon Rim (Mesa) from Payson Airport
The Mogollon Rim (Mesa) from Payson Airport
Best time of the year to go? All year
Flight time in a Super Viking from KAJO? 2.1
Food on the airport? Yes - Crosswinds Grille
Fuel on airport? Yes - Good price. No self serve.
Landing or Handling fees? No
Comments about arriving and departing.  Watch Density Altitude!
Things to do at or near the airport. Taxi right up to the Crosswinds Grille
Rate this stop with 10 being best, 5 average. 5.0 - Nice airport but the food is below average. Only way to town is in a taxi.

Final approach to Payson AZ 


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Why Payson Arizona?
I've known about the Payson Airport for a couple of years but never seemed to be in the area when I had time to stop. A trip to Prescott was necessary to pick up our niece so I decided it was time to visit Payson and the Crosswinds Grille for breakfast.

The approach to the airport is pretty and I was surprised at how large and upscale the homes are. The airport is on a mesa with a long wide runway. Both the runway and taxiways are in excellent condition. The airport doubles as an airpark. A gate opens on the west end of the taxiway leading to nice homes with hangars. Fuel prices were below average. Pay with a 66/76/Conoco card and you'll get an additional discount.

There are some sights to see around Payson including a natural bridge but transportation is an issue. The only way around town is by taxi. This airport would be well served with a couple of rental cars. Camping is available on the field with bathrooms and showers free to those who fly-in.

The Crosswinds Grille is a nice little place with a good view of the airport. Too bad the food was below average and poorly prepared. I'm not a picky eater but you could have better food most anywhere. Adding insult to injury the staff vacuumed the carpet with a noisy electric vacuum while we were eating breakfast. Is 11:00am on Saturday too late for a quiet breakfast?

Next time I'm in the area I'll go to Sedona for breakfast! I'll keep Payson in mind for fuel stops only.

Pictures from Payson Arizona !
Landing at Payson AZ Final approach to runway 6 at Payson Airport.
Crosswinds Grille Payson AZ The Crosswinds Grille at Payson Airport.
Payson Airport Ramp The ramp in front of the Crosswind Grille 
Magollon Rim Payson AZ The Mogollon Rim (Mesa) from Payson Airport.  Western writer Zane Grey lived just below the Mogollon Rim northeast of Payton.  
Jet Blue Airbus A JetBlue Airbus passes us near the Palmdale VOR. It wasn't a near miss, Joshua Approach told us he was going to go by. The Airbus passed just off the left wing and 500' above us.  
Final approach Runway 21L Prescott Airport Prescott Arizona, final to runway 21L. We stopped there on the way home to pick up a passenger.

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