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Flying into Corona ~ KAJO

Final approach runway 25 into Corona airport

Best time of the year to go? All Year
Flight time in a Super Viking from KCNO? 0.2
Food on the airport? Closed!
Fuel on airport? Yes, cheaper than most
Comments about arriving and departing  Very busy uncontrolled airport. Not uncommon to have 5 in the pattern.
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7.0 - Cheap fuel. 
SoCal Clearance Delivery Desk 800-448-3724
Links for those Based at the Corona Airport (very slow pages)
West end of Airport 512' MSL
West End of Runway at 515' MSL
Water Level Behind Prado Dam (Spread Sheet) Last:  24 Hours  ---  7 Days
Water Level Behind Prado Dam (Graph) Last:  24 Hours  ---  7 Days
Santa Ana Basin Water Shed Rainfall Totals Last:  24 Hours  ---  7 Days
Santa Ana Basin with Current Water Elevations
What your mother didn't tell you about Prado Dam!
Weather Radar Returns for the Los Angeles Area
Weather Radar Returns for Southern California

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Click for landing  rwy 25 at Corona.



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Landing at Corona Airport runway 7
Click for landing  rwy 7 at Corona.


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Aeronautical Charts
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Corona Airport, Corona California

My Super Viking was based at Corona airport (KAJO) in a private hangar until the December 2010 flood when I moved it to Chino... The day before the flood

Fuel at the Corona Airport is usually pretty cheap and the price is usually in the best three in Southern California. The other airports to watch would be Big Bear and Hesperia.

The trees surrounding the airport are very thick. In December 2003 a Cessna 152 departed before dawn one morning heading to a local airport 40 miles away. He crashed 1500 feet beyond the pavement. They didn't find the plane for 14 days! True story.

The Bobby A's Burger  Bobby A's is on the field in Corona and has above average airport fare. Bobby A's is right next to transit parking and the airport entrance.
 Cessna Cardinal departing Corona, this is my next door (hanger) neighbor.
 DC-3 on departure roll. This aircraft is based at Corona but every time it takes to flight the airport shuts down to watch.
The Rose take to flight as it's done for more than 63 years. This plane has been featured in several movies and TV shows.
Turning final runway 07 at Corona. Runway 07 is rarely used unless the Santa Ana winds are blowing and with the airport being at the mouth of the Santa Ana Canyon we are talking 20 and 30 knot crosswinds, talk about a ruff ride down final. Plan landing 1000' from the approach end for an easier approach.
Nearby Chino Airport
Nearby Ontario International Airport
The empty UPS ramp at Ontario Airport
  The following pictures were taken on 12/29/07 during hillside reseeding operations.
After the fires of 2007 Corona airport was chosen as a bose of operation to reseed the hills of Orange County. This operation added a 100 operation a day to an already busy traffic pattern.
Local pilots and tankers had to share the tiny Corona airport.
This operation was very impressive to watch. When a tanker arrived it was washed, filled with hydro seed and sent back out in about 3 minutes.
A temporary advisory service was sent up on the north side of the airport. To the left is the break room and on the right is the chiefs office. Or is it the other way around? 

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