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Flying into Bishop CA

Turning Final Runway 30 at Bishop Airport

Best time of the year to go? Spring
Flight time in a Super Viking from KAJO? 1.4 hours
Food on the airport? No, several good places in town.
Fuel on airport? Yes, good price.
Comments about arriving and departing  Crossing runways and glider activity
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10 being best, 5 being average.
9.0 Great trip. Flying up the Owens Valley was wonderful. Spending time in the rugged Sierra Nevada's was a real treat.


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Why Bishop?

About once a month I meet up with a group of pilots from the AOPA Forum for a West Coast User Group Fly-In. We typically meet at a Central California location half way between NorCal and SoCal. July 2007 was Bishop!

When we first planed this trip we were going to walk to Bishop and eat. As the group grew 2 participants offered cars in Bishop for us to use and one knew of a place in the Sierra's at the 8,500 level called the Cardinal Village Resort.

The Cardinal Resort is a 20 minute drive from the airport in an upper elevation canyon surrounded by 10,000+ peaks. Next to the resort is a natural lake with crystal clear water. After lunch we drove back (and up) into the Sierra's to see the high country. What a trip!

Enterprise Rental Car is available in Bishop. I'm sure the FBO can get a car to the airport but I can find nothing on line about it.


Another reason to visits Bishop in the Spring. Every June the City of Bishop hosts Mule Days. Mule days is the biggest event in Bishop and mules come nationwide to attend. I went because my wife has a horse and we met some friends there who brought their crew cab truck. Pictures below were taken at Mule Days 2011.

On this trip we found a real good place to eat but you'll need transportation. Heading north out of town on 395 you'll find a place on the right called Mahogany Smoked Meats. Outstanding sandwiches. After eating stock up on every kind of jerky you can find for the road.

Not a meat eater? Then stop at Schat's Bakery on 395 in the center of town. Stock up on cookies for the drive and fresh bread for home. I often wonder how such wonderful places can be found in these little towns?

Bishop and the Sierra Nevada's
Joe and Dan arriving in the T-28
Joe and Dan arriving in the T-28
John arriving in his BO. Jeff in the back seat.
The group collecting at Bishop.
Cardinal Village Resort, what a find!
Cardinal Village Resort.
Lunch at Cardinal Village Resort
 The group who attended this event.
A natural lake, one of 100's in the Sierra Nevada Range. This lake is near the 9000' foot level.
The Owens Valley from about 9,500'
Heading back to the airport.
Dust devil near Edwards AFB. This picture was taken by John Kaduk in his Bo at 9500. Holy ****!
                             Mule Days June 2011
Mule Days Bishop CA 2011 Mule Days kicks off Saturday with the largest non-motorized parade in the US.
Mule Days Bishop CA 2011 US 395 is closed for about 45 minutes for the parade.
Mule Days Bishop CA 2011 Since it's a aviation site I couldn't pass.
Mule Days Bishop CA 2011 The 20 mule team entering the arena is impressive. Hard to explain but the first 6 mules steer.
Mule Days Bishop CA 2011 In this picture notice the steering mules pulling right. As they straighten out the left mule will have to jump the pull chain.
Bishop's Mule Days Always a view of the Sierra Nevada.
Mule Days June 2011 Arena
Bishop California A competition where each packer must find their horse and 5 mules. rerig and reload everything. then run 1/2 mile while keeping their packs. 
Mule Days Bishop CA 2011 Fire Wagon Team

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