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Flying into Gaston's - Lakeview Arkansas !
Grass Strip
Gaston's Grass Runway left of the River - photo credit: Gaston's
Best time of the year to go? During trout season.
Flight time in a Super Viking from KCNO? 8.0+ hours of flight time with fuel stops.
Food on the airport? Yes
Fuel on airport? Yes
Landing or Handling fees? No
Comments about arriving and departing.  Land to the west, depart to the east.
Things to do at or near the airport. Hiking, fishing, eat or just relax on your cottage patio.
Rate this stop with 10 being best, 5 average. 9.5 - My only mistake was I didn't stay a couple of nights.

Final into Gastons


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Lakeview AK


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Gaston's White River Resort !
   I attended a Bellanca Super Viking fly-in in Branson MO. One morning a few of us made a breakfast run to a grass strip called Gaston's. Gaston's is in the Ozarks on the White River in an area known for it's trout fishing. The place is gorgeous! The country side is green, skys blue and the entire facility overlooks the White River.

All the cottages face the river and back up to the airfield. Right behind the check in desk there is a Marina where you can rent a boat with or without a fishing guide.

The restaurant overlooks the river and the boats fishing on it. The atmosphere is unique and I really enjoyed the food.

Hiking and fishing must be outstanding but we didn't have the time, we flew in for breakfast only. I'm still kicking myself for not spending a couple of nights.

Pictures of Gaston's White River Resort !
Short Final Gaston's Short final at Gaston's airport. Cross the ditch, make a 10 degree left turn and land.
Landing Gastons Other Bellanca Vikings landing at Gaston's.
Landing Roll Gastons Landing Roll
Gaston's Grass Runway Rollout at Gaston's
N4201B at Gaston's N4201B in parking at Gaston's White River Resort
Bellanca Super Viking Line Gaston's White River Resort
Bellanca Viking  
Bellanca Viking  
Gaston's White Water Resort Gaston's in the Ozark Mountains
Gaston's Restruant Look at the ceiling collection
Gaston's Restaurant

Gaston's Restaurant, again look at the collection on the ceiling.

Gaston's Restaurant  Breakfast at Gaston's overlooking the White River
Gaston's Restaurant  Breakfast at Gaston's overlooking the White River
Taxiing out at Gastons  
N281SV Departing Gaston's  

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