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Landing at Page Arizona !

Crosswind to Downwind at Page Arizona (Lake Powell)

Best time of the year to go? Anytime, there is something to do all year
Flight time in a Super Viking from KAJO? 2.4 passing though the Grand Canyon
Food on the airport? No
Fuel on airport? Yes
Comments about arriving and departing  What a view!
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Lake Powell and Page AZ!

We made this trip in early spring 2007. The temperature was in the mid 70's and the crowds hadn't arrived yet. Two full days and this trip was packed full of fun and adventure.

Enroute from the south one must navigate the coroders  of the Grand Canyon and this will add some flight time to the trip. Do not expect to find smooth air near or over the Grand Canyon

We not only found small crowds, great tours and good food. The locals were wonderful and the FBO's compete on fuel prices. When you arrive expect BOTH FBO's to meet you coming off the taxi way.

Two other pages make up this trip. Be sure to visit the Rainbow Bridge page and the Antelope Canyon page.

This trip is second only to our Yellowstone trip!

Pictures from Page AZ and Glen Canyon Dam!
Final Runway 15 at Page AZ
Page AZ Airport
Glen Canyon Dam
Glen Canyon Dam
Horseshoe Bend below the Glen Canyon Dam
Lake Powell
Lake Powell
Lake Powell
Lake Powell
The Grand Canyon Skywalk. What's the big deal?
The Grand Canyon Skywalk.
Over flying the Grand Canyon at 11,5000
Over flying the Grand Canyon at 11,5000
Over flying the Grand Canyon at 11,5000

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