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Flying into Watsonville California !

Watsonville Airport
The patio at Zuniga's Mexican Restaurant over looks the transient ramp

Best time of the year to go? Good destination anytime. Nice place in the summer when it's hot inland.
Flight time in a Super Viking from KAJO? 2.0
Food on the airport? Yes, right next to parking.
Fuel on airport? Yes, average price
Landing or Handling fees? No
Comments about arriving and departing.  No
Things to do at or near the airport. Not sure
Rate this stop with 10 being best, 5 average. 8.0

Final Approach Watsonville Airport 


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Why Watsonville?

It was hot at my house and I was looking for someplace new for breakfast where it was cooler. In California cooler weather means a coastal location so I got a WAC chart and followed it up the coast. Watsonville is about a 2 miles from the Pacific Ocean and Monterey Bay, Inland just enough that the forecast was calling for VFR and there is a restaurant on the field.

There were several fires burning in California and some quick flight planning showed GPS direct passed though two active TFR's. At 10,500 I'll be well above them but I couldn't waste any time getting above 7000'.  I headed for the airport calling ahead requesting that a fuel truck meet me at my hangar.

It was early and getting out of the LA basin was pretty easy. The air was smooth and the flight to Watsonville was a real pleasure. Once I got above the smoke visibility was unlimited.

After landing at Watsonville I followed the signs to transient parking and saw the restaurant before I got to parking.  I sat on the patio at Zuniga's, ordered a breakfast burrito and watched a C-130 shooting opposite direction approaches.

Being a California Native since 1955 and I figure I know Mexican food as good as any white guy. I do know a Mexican restaurant is only as good as it salsa. Pretty soon chips and salsa arrived at the table and lots of it. The salsa comes in a 1/2 litter craft that once held wine. The salsa is fresh and good. I'm liking this place already! The breakfast burrito arrived and it was about the size of my Jeppesen binder, really! I was glad I had burned off 30 gallons of fuel getting there.

Nice airport and a good stop. I'd do it again.

Pictures of my flight to Watsonville !
Landing Watsonville Inbound to Watsonville one can see its relation to the coast.
Watsonville California Pretty area with farmed valleys and rolling hills covered in oak trees
Watsonville California The marine layer sitting just inside the coast.
Marine Layer Another picture of the marine layer when I was leaving. Watch the weather forecasts closely.

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