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Flying into California City !

N4201B on the ramp in California City. Notice the visibility in the background.

Best time of the year to go? Winter though Spring. Kind of hot in the summer.
Flight time in a Super Viking from KAJO? 0.7
Food on the airport? Yes, good food and good prices.
Fuel on airport? Yes, better than average price
Comments about arriving and departing  Watch for Gliders and Parachutes. Right next to Edwards AFB so there is a lot of restricted airspace.
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8.0 Nice airport, have fun watching the Sky Divers, good food and cheap fuel.


California City Airport L71

California City lies right on the edge of one of Edwards' AFB Restricted Areas. Typically on the weekend GA can fly over this airspace at or above 6000' so access to this airspace is readily available.  Enroute from the south one gets to travel thought the same airspace used by most aviation legends, man and machine.

California City is an active Sport Parachute and Glider Center. When approaching the area get on the radio ASAP and watch for activity. It's wise to descend to pattern altitude before getting into the area so parachutes are open at your altitude. Let face it, if the chute isn't open by 1000' AGL the parachutist has more to worry about than your plane.

A pretty nice place to eat on the airport. Good food, lots of it and the price is right!.

Mt Baldly, wonder how it got that name? We are level 10,500
View though the pilots window.
Worlds largest Compass Rose. Edwards AFB dry lake bed.
Notice the runway markings. Edwards AFB dry lake bed.
There are several of these test tracks in the desert. No idea who owns this one?
The Terminal building and Restaurant at California City

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