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Flying into Oceano !

Best time of the year to go? Summer
Flight time in a Super Viking from KAJO? 1.1
Food on the airport? No, but several places to eat within 1 mile.
Fuel on airport? Yes, a little high
Comments about arriving and departing  Short runway, not real short but have your game plan ready. Right traffic to runway 11.
Rate this trip
10 being best, 5 being average.
8.5 Great trip when it's hot at home. In the summer Oceano will be 25 degrees cooler than the SoCal valleys.

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Enjoying Oceano!

Driving or flying Oceano is a great destination. It has one of the few beaches in the country that allow you to drive on the beach. Off road vehicles, dogs, horses and overnight camping is also allowed right on the sand. Didn't bring your dune buggy? No problem, several places rent off road vehicles by the hour or take a guided tour in a Hummer.

For the pilot there is a campground with showers on the airport right next to transit parking. There is also a park across the street from the airport for day trips. It only takes five minutes to walk to the beach.

A couple of heads up issues;

  • The runway is only 2300' long. Not a big issue but plan on a short field approach and departure. Pilots do go off the end sometimes.
  • This airport is IFR a lot so don't get trapped. I often see the west end of the airport 400' OVC and 2 miles while 2 miles east of the airport is good VFR. Solution, make a flat straight in to runway 29, don't attempt to fly the pattern. Depart opposite direction on runway 11 into VFR weather. Please turn all your lights on when the weather is low and use your radio.
  • If you eat at the Fish and Chips place don't talk politics with the owner.

The best part of Oceano is departing runway 29. Within seconds after departure you are crossing the beach then the shore line so tell you passengers to get their camera ready.

Pictures of Oceano !!
Sand Dunes just south of the airport. This picture taken while on downwind for runway 29.
The crowd! A very popular destination for off road vehicles. Don't have one? They can be rented at Oceano.
A fixture at Oceano airport.
This camping area is 1/2 mile from the airport. Camping is available on the airport too.
The beach looking north.
More of looking north from Oceano.
A departure just off the Oceano airport. Picture taken from the beach.
A twin off Oceano. Picture taken from the beach. Note the pilot hasn't even had the time to raise his gear yet.
My wife's bird pictures
More of my wife's bird pictures
The airport terminal and 'The Bench'.
Fish and Chips. Sometimes they are open, sometimes they are not.
Juan's has good food and large portions. Open for Sunday Brunch at 10:00am.
The Rock and Roll Diner. I've never eaten here but I hear the food is good. I've seen them cooking Tri-Tip on the BBQ outside and it really smelled good.
Behind the cars on the far end of the lake is the airport.

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