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Flying into Auburn California!

Auburn Airport
N4201B on the ramp at Auburn Airport

Best time of the year to go?  All year
Flight time in a Super Viking from KAJO? 2.3
Food on the airport? Yes, above average.
Fuel on airport? Yes, higher than average.
Landing or Handling fees? No
Comments about arriving and departing.  Pretty standard, dip in runway at the approach end of runway 7.
Things to do at or near the airport. On the airport there is a well stocked pilot shop and a nice restaurant.
Rate this stop with 10 being best, 5 average. 8.0,  the high fuel price hurts the overall rating.

Final Approach AuBurn Airport 


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The Home of Bellanca N4201B

In the foothills of the Sierra Nevada there are a lot of nice airports and Auburn California is no exception. Pretty country side made the let down and final approach a pleasure. 

After fueling up we went to the Wings Grill & Flight Line for lunch and beat the noon rush by 5 minutes, we scored the last table on the patio. Pretty soon the place was packed and people were waiting 20 minutes or more for a table. From the patio you have a good view of the ramp and runway. It's just a very relaxing place to sit and watch the airport activity. Seems like this is a real popular stop with non-pilots too. I heard the restaurant was good but I was surprised at the quality of the food.

After lunch we ventured over to TGH (The Gyro House) Airport Shop. This pilots supply was well stocked with pretty much everything one would need from necessary supplies to fun items. Make sure to visit this place when at Auburn.

For us this was just a fuel/food stop and we didn't venture off the airport. I really enjoyed this stop. If I lived closer this would be a regular run of mine

Pictures from Auburn Airport!
Auburn from the air Auburn Airport from the air.
Runway 25 at Auburn Airport Runway 25 at Auburn Airport. Notice the whoop dedo at the far end. When the winds favor runway 7 it must be entertaining to watch people land.
Wings Grill & Flight Line Cafe, Auburn California Wings Grill & Flight Line Cafe. I suggest you get there before the noon rush. They close at 2:00pm.
TGH Airport Shop, Auburn California TGH Airport Shop had a pretty good stock of pilot supplies.

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