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St Johns Arizona ~ KSJN

Gamin 396 recording thunderstorm moving away from St Johns. My friend got me a 396 early, sounded like a good idea but does it work? This sold me on it.  Pink line was my course line, note the lightning strikes. Blue flag, airport is now VFR.

What it looked like out the window. I simply went around the storm and turned back southeast for the airport. Without the 396 I would have flown past this planed fuel stop.

Best time of the year to go? Anytime
Flight time in a Super Viking from KAJO? 2.9 hours
Food on the airport? In town, crew car available
Fuel on airport? Yes, usually cheapest in country
Comments about arriving and departing  Density Altitude, fuel is so cheep everyone departs heavy.
Rate this trip
10 being best, 5 being average.
7, cheap fuel and good food in town.
Flying into St Johns Arizona !

Make no mistake about it, St Johns is just a fuel stop for most of us but what a good stop it is. The staff manning the fuel island (I think he's the airport manager too) is always warm and friendly. There is always a car available for a run to town. The cars are old city cop cars and they must have known I was coming because they removed the lights and siren. The prices for fuel are rock bottom and they are Airnav guaranteed. About $.75 to a $1.00 cheaper than the national average. Click here for a video of landing at KSJN.

Downtown St Johns is about 2 miles away and there are a couple of good places to eat. The better of the two is the Speedy Bee. The Speedy Bee doesn't seem to have hours, sometimes they are open, sometime they're not. The food is good and the iced tea flows freely, not a good thing on a long cross country. The other place is Corky's BBQ on the way to Speedy Bee. The airport manager will be happy to help with directions. Both restaurants are on the right under the final approach to runway 32 on the main drag.

I know they sometimes close the runway for drag racing so check with flight service before landing. Another time there was a horse event next to the approach end of 32. They were staying off the runway but were about 12 inches from the approach end pavement.


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