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Flying into Bridgeport California !

Bellanca Super Viking N4201B

Best time of the year to go? This place clearly has seasons, I don't think there is a bad time to go but spring and summer would be best.
Flight time in a Super Viking from KAJO? 2.0
Food on the airport? No, several within walking distance however.
Fuel on airport? Yes, a little high
Landing or Handling fees? No
Comments about arriving and departing.  Watch the density altitude.
Things to do at or near the airport. Several places to eat in town. The museum is an easy walk too. Bring your fishing pole! Travertine Hot Springs is near by but you'll need transporation.
Rate this stop with 10 being best, 5 average. 8.0, a nice little day trip.

Bryant Field, Bridgeport California


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Bridgeport, a Gem in the Eastern Sierra's

This trip has been in my to-do book for 2 years. I've wanted to wait for a fresh snowfall in the Sierra's, the flight up the Owens Valley in the morning light is spectacular. Most people, including myself, fly the western side of the Sierra's. Flying up the San Joaquin Valley is very benign and frankly boring. Try the east slope for a fun trip.

What to watch out for:

  • The Edwards Complex is huge. There are several Restricted Areas and MOA's. On the weekend these areas are generally cold and you can fly though the Restricted Airspace at or above 6,000 when talking to Joshua Approach.
  •  It can be turbulent north of China Lake so you want to go when the winds aloft are light.
  •  VFR is required, the MVA's (no MEA's) are really high.

 I like to fly over the eastern slope at 12,500/11,500 keeping the valley floor within gliding distance to the east. Like I said the view is spectacular, you can see Mt Whitney and far into the high country.

Bridgeport is a nice little town with several places to eat. Highway 395 doubles as Main Street. As you leave the airport turn left, right at the first intersection and across the foot bridge to town. The first place you'll come to is the Hays Street Cafe where we enjoyed breakfast.  Continue west on Main Street and you'll find several other places to eat too.


Pictures From Our Trip !
Rogers Dry Lake and Edwards Air Force Base Flying though R-2515 and over Edwards Air Force Base
Open pit mine near Edwards AFB Open pit mine near Edwards AFB
East slope of the Sierra Nevada Range East slope of the Sierra Nevada Range. This trip is about the scenery enroute more than destination. We are at 12,500' looking up at the Sierra's.
Onion Valley Passing Onion Valley above Independence. I've back packed into the high country from here. If I remember correctly the road ends at 9,100'. Every night at the trailhead you awaken by cries of BEAR, BEAR!!! Seems funny now.
East slope of the Sierra Nevada Range East slope of the Sierra Nevada Range.
Mammoth Mountain and Mammoth Airport Mammoth Mountain and Mammoth Airport
Lee Vining and Mono Lake Lee Vining and Mono Lake under the lake fog. When we returned 6 hours later nothing had changed
Bridgeport California The city of Bridgeport with Bryan Field beyond.
Bryant Field Bridgeport California Bryant Field Bridgeport California
Final approach Bryant Field (O57) Final approach runway 30
Bridgeport California Leaving the airport (walking) turn left onto the road. Right at the first intersection to the end. Cross the foot bridge and pretty soon you're on the main drag. The building behind the trees is the Hays Street Cafe.
Bridgeport California The foot bridge crosses a pretty trout stream that runs though town.
Bridgeport California The foot bridge from the air.
Hays Street Cafe Bridgeport California Hays Street Cafe Bridgeport California
Downtown Bridgeport California Main Street in Bridgeport California.
Sports Mans Inn Bridgeport California Walk down the main drag and you'll find several restaurants. Many closed for the season in winter, you still have a good selection in the off season.
Mt Baldy Descending past Mt Baldy on the way home, downtown Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean beyond.
  Below found on the internet.
Travertine Hot Spring

Travertine Hot Springs lies on California State Park land just south of the town of Bridgeport. It is one of the easiest to get to, and therefore one of the most popular.

Travertine Hot Spring Though it is designated as "clothing optional" many bathers these days prefer to soak in swimsuits. The naturally hot water is scalding at its source, but flows down rock formations till it reaches the pools below at a comfortable 103 degrees.

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